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Donate for ELITE OR HIGHER and receive a bonus kit!:
- Thankyou for donating book and donator guide
- 1 silktouch pickaxe
- 16 exp bottles
- 1 op apple
- 1 beacon
- 32 exp
- 1 bonus enderchest
- 1 anvil 

Donate for warrior, king or platinum and you get:
- A Thankyou for donating book and donator guide
- 1 silktouch pickaxe
- 64 exp bottles
- 2 op apple
- 1 beacon
- 60 exp
- 1 bonus enderchest
- 1 anvil
- 3 creeper eggs

Welcome to the IntenseRaids Web Service. Here is where all our donations take place. We currently only offer ranks in return for donations. But please come by and check again, we might have kits/items/more perks someday. Please take your time to read through the following important information.

To donate, just click the "buy ranks" tab on the menu bar.
Click on the more info button to see what each rank has to offer.
Then Select your rank and enter the name you wish to purchase the rank for.
Make sure you read the terms of service and donator agreement.
Once happy with decision, click on pay. 
And you should receive your rank almost instantly, if not, contact a staff member immediately.

Once you've donated. Remind a staff member that you've donated. So you can get your donator statue and nickname of choice.
And post a reply to this thread on our forum. Using the template provided.

More goods coming soon.

Our web store allows you – the donator - to donate freely without fearing of scam, or abuse. You will receive your purchase item almost instantly* after purchase. It also does not require an admin to consult your donation, but we will always be there to help.

*Purchases can take upto 5 minutes to process. If they take any longer. Please alert a staff member.

Intense Raids developed the Web Store in an aims to pay for our expenses.
We are a non-profit organisation. All money donated is reserved for server use only.

Currently, our web store only allows our customers to choose from a range of ranks. More merchandise will be added soon, and with notice.
Our ranks offer privileges, extra commands, special kits and advantages. After all, anyone who offers to show their support for Intense Raids deserves a reward. 
To give our customers more options when donating money to Intense Raids, we will offer other donation benefits sometime soon.

In regard to how the IntenseRaids web store works, donations will still be 'managed' manually. 
We will operate on our 'we do not scam, we do not forget basis.
For further support and inquiries, please contact ZeinH on Skype: intenseraids

You can view In-depth information about each rank on Climax Craft by clicking here.

-Everyone has the safety of donating.
-We do not scam, we do not forget.
-To upgrade a rank please contact ZeinH via skype or in game, and post you’re rank request here.
-All payments and packages are processed automatically by BuyCraft.
-It helps if you donated when you are logged in!
-It is important that you enter your Minecraft username EXACTLY, including correct capitalization.
-PayPal is currently the only payment option.
-Purchases can take up to 5 minutes to process. (If they take longer please contact ZeinH)
-It helps if your inventory is not full when purchasing a rank or package.
-Try not to get included in PvP, otherwise you may miss out on the goodie/s
-Donators can also apply for staff.
-All players, including donators, must still follow the server rules. If they are breeched, we will ban you. We don’t allow donators to bypass the rules.

Donator powers are a privilege not a right! We track all console commands, logs etc. If we find out that you are abusing your powers or impeding the in-game progress of other users against their will you will lose your advantage with no refunds.

Before you donate, we advise you to read our terms of service and donator information.
This can be found here.
Please take your time to consider your purchase. We don’t want you to regret it.

Thank you for choosing to support our server.

Intense Raids

SITE - www.intenseraids.enjin.com
SERVER IP – ir.mcserver.ws
SKYPE – intenseraids
EMAIL – TheRealZeinH@gmail.com


How are donations used?
100% of donations either go toward our monthly server bill of $1000+ or server upgrades and hiring developers/designers. All donations will be used to benefit the community in some way, and is the only thing your money will be used for. 

What is included in each rank?
You can check what each rank has to offer ingame, by reading the signs at /warp donate. Alternatively, you could check them all out here.

How can I upgrade a rank?
To upgrade to any ranks, please contact ZeinH on Skype and post a thread here. Using the template provided.

Do I get a nickname?
Players who donate for legend plus can get a nick name. Just ask ZeinH or a head staff in game to change it anytime. You could also post it here.

Can I get my money back?
Sorry, as part of the agreement, all donations are non-refundable. This is why you must take time and care when choosing to donate.
This is a rule that will not be repealed under any circumstances.

Where can I get help and support?
Intense Raids offers great support right when you need it. For donator support please visit:
All inquiries on Intense Raids are responded to within 24 hours of posting.

For any other questions or queries, please contact Wazez

SITE - www.intenseraids.enjin.com
SERVER IP – ir.mcserver.ws
SKYPE – intenseraids
EMAIL – TheRealZeinH@gmail.com

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